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This is what the Invisalign teeth straightening journey looks like

Are you still considering getting your teeth straightened? If so, check out the new Treatment Process Infographic from Dr Vandana Katyal and the team at CCC Smiles – DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

We often talk about the ‘Invisalign journey’ – but what does this actually involve?

There are a number of steps in the process, from initial assessment to the smile you’ve always dreamed of, and ongoing after-care.

The first thing you’ll do is book an appointment with CCC Smiles for an initial consultation with Dr Vandana Katyal or another member of the team. Dr Katyal is an Invisalign Diamond provider, a status that recognises her wealth of experience straightening teeth with this modern, effective and discreet alternative to braces. She’ll assess your needs, set your mind at ease and, if suitable (as most now are), use the latest 3D mouth scanning technology to take highly accurate digital ‘molds’ of your mouth from which your Invisalign clear aligners will be created.

This is also the point at which you can select how you’d rather pay. We strive to make specialist orthodontist treatment accessible to as many people as we can, so in addition to offering upfront payment options, we also have both finance (Mac Credit) and direct debit (Denticare) payment plans to fit your individual circumstances. If you are insured with a health insurance provider, you probably also have inclusions for orthodontic procedures, which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Three weeks after these initial steps, you’ll visit us to start your treatment using your first set of freshly created, bespoke Invisalign aligners – now you’re really on your way! At this exciting appointment, Dr Katyal and the team will also give you instructions for using and caring for your teeth and aligners, and show you how to use the Dental Monitoring app. This amazing phone app allows you to scan your teeth from home (or anywhere!) so that Dr Katyal can remotely check your progress every week without you having to make endless trips to the clinic!

For the next 4-6 months you’ll continue with these remote weekly scans, while following Dr Katyal’s instructions to regularly change your aligners. After this, you’ll visit the clinic for an in-person check. If any revisions are needed, new aligners will be made and fitted – if not, you’ll continue with your treatment plan as before.

Now you’re nearing the end of the straightening process! When your teeth have moved into the final desired placements, as prescribed by Dr Katyal in the initial consultation, you are ready to finish treatment and move onto the retainer phase, which will ensure that your newly straightened teeth remain that way! Dr Katyal will continue to monitor this remotely with monthly virtual appointments via the Dental Monitoring app. This post-treatment care will also extend to annual in-personal checks for between 2 and 5 years, depending on your unique requirements.

Comfortable, discreet and convenient, the Invisalign process is a remarkably smooth one. Making the decision to straighten your teeth with Invisalign is the first step of a journey that will, typically, conclude within a year. Book your initial consultation today and this time next year you could be smiling the smile you’ve always wanted!

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