Strike a Pose! Orthodontist Love Taking Photographs of Your Smile and Teeth

Smile! You are on camera!!

Ever wonder why Orthodontist consultation starts with photographs of your teeth and smile? Dr Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist at CCC Smiles, Mosman explains….

“Times have certainly changed and Orthodontics is no longer about just straight teeth and good bite. It is about achieving the right smile and aesthetic balance for each individual.”

Ever wonder why #Orthodontists ask you to Strike a Pose when you visit them? Dr Vandana Katyal from #CCCSmiles #Mosman explains in her latest blog! Read on & #Transform Your #Smile ! #oncamera #itsallaboutyou

Photographs taken at CCC Smiles allows Dr Katyal and her team to assess lip fullness, lip tone, smile arc, teeth displayed during the posed smile and other soft tissue dynamics while smiling. This greatly helps to design an individualised treatment plan for achieving the best result with not just straight teeth but also a striking smile! Its simple, takes less than 5 minutes and comfortable. Dr Katyal and her team pride in taking excellent records and utilising them to their full potential.

In addition, these photographs help to further our knowledge of orthodontic treatments and patient satisfaction. They may be used for research or further education, of course with permission and often de-identified.

A great YouTube video by Dr explains the process and what we do with these photographs. Watch On…

Book your CCC Smiles experience with Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Vandana Katyal today!! Its not just about Straight Teeth – its about Transforming your SMILE :-)!!


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