Straightening Teeth for Teens has never been this cool! Invisalign Teen is here to stay!!

Dr Katyal answers common questions about invisible teen orthodontics

SO if you want to show off your smile and not your braces, Invisalign can be your answer. The Invisalign system using a series of clear, comfortable and removable aligners is the nearly invisible way to straighten teeth – without braces. Invisalign is not just for adults. “Teens can now straighten their teeth and achieve proper bite without the social awkwardness of traditional wire braces”, says Dr Vandana Katyal, a Mosman-based Specialist Orthodontist at Clean Clear & Correct Smiles (CCC Smiles).

Invisalingn Teen - The Clear Alternative to BracesClear Ceramic Braces - Teen Aligner

Can Invisalign Teen treat crowding and bite problems?
Yes and yes! Issues such as crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, deep bite and open bite can all be treated with Invisalign Teen.

Is Invisalign Teen as effective as traditional braces?
In the hands of an expert Specialist Orthodontist and when worn as prescribed, Invisalign Teen is as effective as tradition braces for treating a broad range of orthodontic issues.

How long is the treatment?
Everyone is different and there are many variable factors. Generally, Invisalign Teen treatment can take between 12-24 months.

Whats so good about it?
Traditional braces are aesthetically distracting and cause social discomfort. Invisalign aligners are comfortable, no wires or brackets to scratch the mouth. Aligners are removable so your teen has no excuse – they can brush and floss as normal.

Why choose CCC Smiles for your teen?
Specialist Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal is completely dedicated to giving teenagers a healthy smile and correct bite. With a myriad of awards, prizes and media involvement to her name and pioneering orthodontic research, Dr Katyal provides digital precision quality in a friendly, warm, personalised and easy environment.

And thanks to the advanced technology and digital 3D scanner used at CCC Smiles, treatment is quicker. Your child can start treatment within 2-3 weeks vs 6-8 weeks with traditional moulds (that are often uncomfortable an messy).Kids Orthodontist In Sydney - First Appointment

For a free initial assessment, meet Dr Vandana Katyal and her orthodontic team at CCC Smiles 856 Military Rd, Mosman. Call us on 02 8058 9800. For further information, visit us at

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