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Invisalign® Reviews with Dr Vandana Katyal

At CCC Smiles, our philosophy when it comes to orthodontics is to provide our patients with an evidence based approach to customised orthodontic solutions that suit their lifestyle. For many, braces just might not do the trick! There are many reasons why I choose to use Invisalign for so many of my patients; while traditional braces are certainly effective, Invisalign provides an added level of patient comfort and happiness I’ve never seen before in orthodontics.

In the photo Dr Vandana Katyal is helping raise awareness of latest orthodontic treatments & technologies with local community and CommPow officials.

We live in an incredible new era of cutting edge technological advancements, and this also extends to orthodontics. Invisible is the new irresistible, and more and more often patients want a discrete and effective alternative. Cue the rise of Invisalign!

In my clinical use of both Invisalign clear aligners and traditional braces to straighten teeth and create smiles, I’ve often been surprised myself by the effectiveness of Invisalign. The ability to perfect a simulation and pre-plan any and every movement in the treatment plan has actually proven to, on occasion, be more effective in straightening teeth. Often, cases actually finish before the predicted time, which I believe is due to Invisalign’s use of the latest 3D technologies and all of the planning required at various stages throughout treatment. Using the latest technology at CCC Smiles, we are able to get great results in the quickest time, and the most discreetly comfortable manner.

When it comes to patient comfort, Invisalign is my tool of choice. Traditionally, orthodontics has been synonymous with pain and discomfort. At CCC Smiles, it’s a totally different story! I choose to use Invisalign to preserve patient comfort, as the removable plastic aligners are less painful than traditional braces. While braces may have you restricted to a liquid diet for the first few days, from the moment you get your Invisalign on, you should feel quite normal (almost!). While there is some slight pain and discomfort in the first few days, as is the case with any new and foreign device used on your body – or in this case teeth – it pales in comparison to braces. The clear aligners fit comfortably over the teeth and each aligner is shaped a little differently in order to slowly move the teeth into the desired position.

One of the most important things for many of my clients is aesthetics. While braces are commonplace in a high school environment, the same can hardly be said for the workplace or the dating scene – many patients worry about maintaining their presentability and looks when going through orthodontic treatment. Thanks to Invisalign, you no longer need to worry about the way you’re going to look, or if people will notice you’re in treatment. Many of my patients tell me that their friends and family are shocked when they tell them that they are wearing Invisalign clear aligners, because they really are virtually invisible!

My favourite thing about Invisalign though, and the reason I use it so often in my practice, has to be the way it simply doesn’t compromise the lifestyle of my patients. For me, nothing should get in the way of the finer things in life, and orthodontic treatment certainly shouldn’t be putting a stopper to the things you want to do. Invisalign leaves you with the ability to bite into an apple, play sports without a fear of breakages, and make the most out food, fun and fitness. If you have an important event or special occasion and are worried someone might notice you’re wearing your Invisalign, then you can simply remove your aligners for a night! The ability to keep a balanced lifestyle that doesn’t force you to compromise on the things you love is why I recommend Invisalign to my patients, and why I love this new tool in orthodontics!

As a specialist Orthodontist, straightening teeth and creating smiles is all I do, and having seen the difference in my patients since the rise of Invisalign I couldn’t be happier to recommend it.

In the photo, eating an apple is simply as easy as before. Remove your aligners and eat whatever you like! Josh – actual Invisalign Teen client at CCC Smiles.



Jacqui and Justin have just started their Invisalign together as partners in life and health. Their treatment time is estimated to be between 15-18 months and they are sharing their initial experience with their new aligners in this video.


Jack was referred to CCC Smiles in North Shore (Sydney), Mosman at the age of 13.5 to correct his crowded incisors (crooked front teeth) and the deep bite (overbite). He is a sporty teen with an active lifestyle. He is still growing and hence his bite is easier to correct at this stage. He has no baby teeth left and we offered Jack the choice to move forward with braces or Invisalign® Teen to address his concerns. Jack decided to move ahead for with Invisalign® for choices related to his lifestyle.

His Invisalign® Teen treatment is estimated to finish in 15-18 months, the same time it would take with braces.

Hear Jack’s Invisalign® Teen experience with Dr Vandana Katyal at CCC Smiles.

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