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Invisalign® Costs in Sydney (North Shore)

An understanding to individual Invisalign® Pricing scenarios at CCC Smiles

There are many factors that determine how much your Invisalign® aligners treatment will cost. These include:

  • How severely the teeth are misaligned
  • How long your treatment would take to make the necessary changes to straighten the teeth
  • The specific treatments details prescribed by Dr Vandana Katyal

Here are a few examples of different pricing scenarios with Invisalign® aligners at our North Shore (Sydney) orthodontic practice.

Invisalign® Cost, Example 1:

Invisalign Teen Mild crowding and relatively good bite

Invisalign® cost at CCC Smiles North Shore – Sydney for Example 1 can vary from $3000 to $7000. This is based on an estimated treatment length and number of Invisalign® aligners required (Invisalign® i7 or Invisalign® Lite options).

Invisalign Cost North Shore Sydney

Invisalign® Cost, Example 2:

Invisalign for Adults – Case requiring jaw surgery, expansion and extraction

Invisalign® aligners cost at CCC Smiles North Shore – Sydney for Example 2 can vary from $7500 to $9000. Factors that influence costing of an Invisalign® Aligners Full case are the length of treatments, additional appliances required and the number of aligners required.

Invisalign Aligners Cost North Shore Sydney

Invisalign® Cost, Example 3:

Invisalign Teen case requiring exposure of impacted upper canine and additional orthodontic appliances

Invisalign® cost for Example 3 can vary from $7000 to $9000. Factors influencing such costs are the use of an additional upper jaw expander, length of treatments and long term monitoring of treatment.

Invisalign Braces Sydney

Invisalign® Payment Plans and Payment Options

The CCC Smiles team (North Shore – Sydney) believes that a confident, radiant smile can transform you. Improving your smile via orthodontic treatments is an important investment – you transform yourself inside and out.

We reward upfront payments with anywhere from 5-10% discount depending on the type of Invisalign® treatment recommended. Additionally, we believe in spreading smiles and helping the community by providing further upfront payment discounts for full time students and single parents seeking treatments.

We strive our very best to make Invisalign® treatment affordable to everyone. CCC Smiles uses Mac Credit ( for finance, and Denticare ( as a direct debit facility to open the prospect of treatment to all. Interest-free payment plans at CCC Smiles vary from as little as $65 per week to $125 per week. Payment plans can be customised to your personal situation. The deposit to commence your Invisalign® treatment with a payment plan or contract varies from $1200 – $3000. Contact the practice for more information regarding finance, payment plans and direct debit payments.

Invisalign® pricing with Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance and are covered for orthodontic treatment – you might be able to claim a portion of your treatment costs. Each health fund is different and your level of cover is often unique. Additionally, orthodontic treatments can be claimed over a period of time, especially if your treatment exceeds 12 months. Dr Vandana Katyal and the CCC Smiles team (located on the North Shore of Sydney) are very thorough in providing you with the treatment estimates and quotes for your needs. At your first orthodontic consultation, we will provide you written details required to assist you in your enquiries with your health fund.

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