The growing popularity of Invisalign on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches

Life on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches is like our own little slice of paradise. After the hustle and bustle of the working week, the one thing locals all have in common is having an amazing place to wind down and forget about it all.

Its no secret why leading North Shore Orthodontist, Dr. Vandana Katyal, chose to open her boutique practice in the heart of Mosman Junction, focusing on aesthetic orthodontic solutions that don’t compromise the lifestyle of locals. Her friendly, time efficient approach to orthodontics means that you and your family have more time to spend enjoying the sunshine to come.

Here at CCC Smiles, “we know what makes living on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches so special, and we’ve made sure that your orthodontic treatment doesn’t ever have to compromise your lifestyle” says Dr Katyal.

Family First!
sydney-harbour-1With summer fast approaching, the family favourite for a relaxing day off is a day at the beach. Whether its a morning run past Balmoral Island followed by quinoa bircher at The Boathouse, an afternoon in Manly with endless choices for ice-cream or finding a hidden strip of sand along the Manly to Spit walk and laying down to read a book, the locals know exactly where to go.

When it comes to raising a family and giving your child every opportunity, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. With excellent schools at which every child can receive a high-class education, sporting opportunities for an active lifestyle and a strong appreciation for music and the arts, there’s always something to keep families busy.

At CCC Smiles, we strive to ensure that your busy family won’t have to put their lives on pause for orthodontics. Pairing up with Dental Monitoring, a new technology reshaping our appointments – and your life – CCC Smiles can now monitor your treatment remotely, from the next room or from another country! There is no longer a need for patients to see Dr. Katyal every three or four weeks. With Dental Monitoring, a few simple photos can help us monitor your treatment between appointments, so we would only need you to come in to the practice every 8 weeks or so – more time to spend with the people you love.

Food, Fun & Fitness
mealHealth and fitness have become so much more important in the eyes of many locals, perfectly suited to the way of life of the North Shore and Northern Beaches, and keeping an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to make sure we both look and feel our best. When it comes to sport, Invisalign clear aligners can either be left on or taken off for the duration of a game or session. What’s certain is that you’ll never have to worry about playing contact sports and breaking brackets or snapping a wire. With Invisalign, there is no breakages and almost never any emergencies, making it a clear choice for the active lifestyle that many live in the area.

Hand in hand with the locals’ love for fitness comes a love for all things food. At CCC Smiles, one of our favourite things about where we work almost certainly has to be the abundance of incredible dishes and treats on offer all around us.

Thankfully, Invisalign clear aligners won’t stop you from enjoying a full and varied diet while in treatment – simply remove your aligners before catching up with friends at your favourite cafe, and pop them back in after you’ve finished eating.

CCC Smiles: The clear choice for Orthodontic Treatment on Sydney’s North Shore

Whether you travel frequently, you manage a busy and bustling family or you don’t want to give up your Sunday brunch at your favourite cafe, the CCC Smiles team have seen it all. Dr. Vandana Katyal’s philosophy when it comes to orthodontics is all about treatment that is family friendly, efficient, evidence based and right for you.

CCC Smiles is your local North Shore Orthodontist. Contact us today to find an orthodontic solution that won’t impact on your lifestyle.

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