Why Orthodontists Study Smiles All Day Long

Looking for a smile assessment in the north shore of Sydney? Look no further and read on! The team at CCC Smiles in Mosman is headed by one of  Sydney’s highly sought after Specialist Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal and they study S-M-I-L-E-S all day long with a serious P-A-S-S-I-O-N! “A beautiful smile is not just about straight white teeth, its about symmetry, its about the way your front teeth appear in balance and proportion with your nose and lips, its about the dynamics of how you smile and lip form and shape.” says Dr Katyal.


Ever wonder why smiling is so important? Smiling is a primal instinct and begins even before birth – Yes! when you were in your mothers womb. Its an emotion, a positive one. Hence it can lift your mood, release the good hormones, prolong your life span and show approachability and friendliness to others. One of the warmest gift and sign of friendship you can pass to someone is your smile. Smiles help us communicate our emotions to others. Even animals SMILE!


To really understand the SMILE science please watch this oh-so fantastic TED video – its one of the most riveting short clips every recorded on the art and science of smiling! Feel free to share this blog with your near & dear and bring a SMILE to their faces :-)!


NO! you don’t have to have braces. YES! It will be fast, discreet and comfortable and in a very short time you will smile with confidence, and straight white teeth!

Ph: 02-80589800

Email: info@cccsmiles.com.au

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