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February 2018 NEWSLETTER

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Now here’s a great reason to smile!

At CCC Smiles, we are strong advocates for supporting and developing the local community, and that’s why we are so proud to be an official Platinum Sponsors of the Mosman Netball Club. We want to ensure our local community knows that we are right behind them, cheering on their success and helping ensure they have a lot to smile about – both figuratively and literally! If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at netball, check out their website here or drop them a line to find out more.

Dr. Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist


Invisalign enabled newly married Jodie to get ready for her wedding with CCC Smiles Invisalign treatment and complimentary whitening.

Jodie recently got married at Balmoral Beach in Mosman. Her wedding was perfect and her photos were sublime, and do you know why? Her Invisalign treatment was able to be paused momentarily for her wedding day! It’s true! With Invisalign, it was very easy to remove some of the small attachments (resin bumps) on Jodie’s teeth, whiten them for her special day, and then continue her treatment after her wedding day. At CCC Smiles, we appreciate that there are moments in life where you will want to be photographed without having pesky metal braces being the focus of the shot. Our goal is to ensure you can smile freely and confidently during all these moments, so when you look back and reflect on those memorable times, you will remember the feelings and the joy, and not the hardware on your teeth! Invisalign enables brides just like Jodie to ensure their front six teeth can be quickly lined up, and then we can continue fixing the bite after the wedding day. Traditional or alternative brace systems are often a bigger deal, which can also result in greater enamel damage. Come and have a chat to us, to find out more about how we can help make your special day truly perfect!


qualia, Great Barrier Reef

qualia (pronounced “kwah-lee-ah”) is a Latin word meaning “a collection of deeper sensory experiences”, and that’s exactly what you’ll enjoy at this world-class luxury resort. Offering divine accommodation facilities and an extensive menu of rejuvenating spa treatments, qualia delivers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sensory perfection that only the Great Barrier Reef can provide. More info here.


Greek Broccoli Salad 

This delicious broccoli salad recipe packs a nutritious punch, thanks to its detoxifying ingredients. With broccoli, shallots, olive oil and almonds combined with some of everyone’s favorite Greek flavours, this simple yet utterly delicious side salad will be one that your family and friends come back for! Discover this declicious recipe here.


Put the screens and devices down, at least one hour before you want to go to sleep

Blue light is literally what makes the sky blue; it’s part of our human biology to access the light to help us regulate our sleep patterns (i.e., when we wake and go to sleep – this is known as our circadian rhythm). However, we can become a little overexposed to blue light, because we access artificial blue light in our digital devices such as LED screens and lights, TVs, laptop, computer and phone screens. If we expose ourselves to the blue light in the evening, it is spiking our levels of cortisol as our body interprets the light as ‘it must be morning time, secrete cortisol because we need to get up and do things’. But at night, our production should actually be at an all time low, giving melatonin a chance to do its job and make us sleepy. To learn more about blue light and its impact on your skin and overall health click here.

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Follow our Instagram and get inspired! Our job is not just to create smiles, we also like to make people smile.

Follow our Instagram and get inspired! Our job is not just to create smiles, we also like to make people smile.

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