Invisible & Digital Orthodontics are the New Game-Changers!

Latest digital technology for straightening teeth has landed on our Mosman shores! Invisible & Digital Orthodontics!

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Specialist Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal has taken up premises in Mosman. “I just love the North Shore vibe and the people” say Dr Vandana Katyal from her Mosman practice CCC Smiles. Dr Katyal is an Australian Registered Specialist Orthodontist with over 14 years of experience in the industry of straightening teeth. Graduating with her Bachelors in Dental Surgery then going on to her Doctor in Orthodontics, Dr Katyal confirms there have been great and exciting changes in the orthodontic world.

Smile On!

The way forward in straightening teeth is everything and anything digital. It’s called digital orthodontics and it’s a game changer

Messy, gooey, and gag-inducing impressions are one of the first things to go to be replaced by 3D Digital Imaging Devices.

iTero scanning at CCC Smiles

Digital orthodontics is currently being used by CCC Smiles. Using the latest technology Dr Katyal prides in getting best results in the quickest time and most  discreet, comfortable manner.

Gone are the days when you only had the option of metal braces that you’d have to wear for 2+ years. 

“People are coming in more and more asking specifically for Invisalign, they want a discrete option and with orthodontic advancements and we have effective invisible alternatives for teens and adults” says Dr Katyal.

“These clear aligners and digital braces are just as effective as traditional metal and wire braces”.

Lucy A, Invisalign patient at CCC Smiles says

“I had the old metal braces before, and then my teeth moved. I couldn’t imagine having to do that all over again. Seeing my teeth on a computer screen was cool and being able to breath and not gagging when they do it is a plus too”


Get in touch with Dr Vandana Katyal and her CCC Smiles team for a free initial assessment, you can find her at 856 Military Rd. Mosman (02) 8058 9800

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