Invisalign and Clear Aligner Treatments for Kids and Teens

Give your teenager the gift of confidence and watch as they thrive at school, in sports and during social situations. Traditional braces with metal wires and brackets often get in the way of everyday activities by way of increasing appointments and unpredictable emergencies, which is why for teens, Invisalign or other clear aligner treatments such as Spark is the best way forward.

Self-conscious teens can discretely straighten teeth, even if their situation is more complex and they require correction of overbites, under bites or other dental problems. In fact, in our experience, teens maintain better oral hygiene during Invisalign Teen treatment and report less discomfort and concerns.

Dr Vandana Katyal, guides and mentors her partnering dentists and dental practitioners (providers) using the latest innovations in the orthodontic field, making Invisalign, Spark and other clear aligner treatments for teens possible and effective. Aligners are made with medical grade plastic, that’s BPA free and each aligner is made personalised for each individual. Your treatment provider will supply each patient with a series of custom-made invisible braces (clear aligners) so you don’t need to visit a clinic as often as you would with wire braces.

Our partnering dental practitioners may use 3D virtual appointments via latest remote scanning technology so you can be assured a doctor is checking on aligner wear times weekly and reduce chances of compliance failures. In fact teens simply love them!

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Why Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces) are recommended for teens?

As a highly acclaimed and experienced orthodontist clinician, Dr. Vandana Katyal guides and mentors dentists globally in providing clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign, Spark and more for their patients, teens and adults alike.

Often parents and even some adults can be resistant to beginning clear aligner treatment for their teens or themselves, as they are worried about wearing them and not losing the trays, but it has a number of benefits when compared to traditional bracket and wire braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Treatments over Fixed Braces for Kids and Teens

  • Avoids self-esteem issues and allows your teen to smile brightly and confidently throughout treatment. Studies show that patients prefer this solution over fixed braces.
  • Reduces enamel damage – no need to bond an attachment onto every tooth, so your teen can brush and floss as normal. Studies have also shown reduced risk of white spot lesions (decalcification) during orthodontic treatment which is highly prevalent when bonding braces.
  • Minimal dietary restrictions – Allows for a wider diet, including apples and popcorn! There’s no need for a liquid diet for the days following attachment or adjustments
  • Reduced appointments as you can change aligners at home, especially when using 3D tracking technology via Dental Monitoring. Dr Katyal’s published study shows a 35% reduction in need for clinical appointments when combining aligners treatments with virtual 3D tracking via your smartphone.
  • Less breakages and time our from school, even when your teen takes part in their usual sporting and leisure activities
  • Wearers can play instruments and speak as normal
  • Minimal pain and discomfort – Clear aligners such as Invisalign and Spark are comfortable when worn and don’t irritate the mouth and gums
  • In certain cases, they can be faster than braces, something we’ve seen in mild-moderate crowding cases
Invisalign Teens

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