Transform your Life with Clear Aligners like Invisalign and Spark

You want to feel confident and at your best in every stage of your life. No matter what your age may be, it’s never too late to transform your smile via Invisalign and see the difference it can make.

The problem is, having traditional wire braces on your teeth give that “high school” image and most adults don’t want to undergo a lengthy treatment that disrupts so many aspects of their lives. From professional settings to social situations, sports and cuisine, Invisalign braces allow you to live your life exactly how you want to.

Though it’s generally easier to straighten teeth before they’re fully set in place, Invisalign offers the best efficient straightening process with perfect results for both adults and children, so you can achieve that straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign braces offer complete flexibility so you’re ready for anything. At CCC Smiles state-of-the-art clinics in Sydney, Invisalign specialists use the latest in orthodontic technology to supply Invisalign for adults that lead busy lives.

When you don’t want to give up your usual day-to-day activities and don’t have the time to make it to the doctor for overly regular check-ups or emergency appointments, the answer is Invisalign.

Adults Sydney Wide are Choosing Invisible Braces

When discrete Invisalign braces are just as effective and come at a similar price tag to traditional wire braces, it’s easy to see why adults go for clear aligner orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign or Spark. Here is why they are the best option for your teeth:

  • Removable trays so you can brush and floss your teeth as normal
  • Discrete braces that many people won’t even know are there
  • The ability to keep eating your favourite foods and doing the sports and activities you love
  • Fewer doctor visits and less chance of breakage
  • Comfortable fit, without irritating the mouth and gums
  • Same results as braces in most cases
  • Great for either adults or teens
  • Freedom to travel for long periods of time or have treatment during important social events in your life
  • Minimal teeth pain or discomfort
Invisalign Adults

CCC Smiles Sydney Orthodontists are Clear Aligner Treatment experts!

Let clear aligner orthodontic treatment add that extra level of comfort, happiness and confidence that you don’t get with traditional orthodontic procedures.

Dr Vandana Katyal, guides and mentors her partnering dentists and dental practitioners (providers) using the latest innovations in the orthodontic field, making Invisalign, Spark and other clear aligner treatments for teens possible and effective. Aligners are made with medical grade plastic, that’s BPA free and each aligner is made personalised for each individual. Your treatment provider will supply each patient with a series of custom-made invisible braces (clear aligners) so you don’t need to visit a clinic as often as you would with wire braces.

Our partnering dental practitioners may use 3D virtual appointments via latest remote scanning technology so you can be assured a doctor is checking on aligner wear times weekly and reduce chances of compliance failures. In fact teens simply love them!

Our certified specialist orthodontist can help transform your smile. Book a consultation today and begin your transformative clear aligner treatment with Invisalign or Spark with leading and experienced professionals of Invisalign. Adults around Sydney can look forward to excellent results and an enjoyable straightening process.


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