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Insignia Customised Digital Braces

Dr Vandana Katyal is one of the few Specialist Orthodontists in Mosman and the North Shore area using the cutting-edge Insignia Customised Digital Braces.

Insignia braces are completely custom-built for your teeth to move teeth efficiently. Unlike conventional braces, every piece of Insignia (from brackets to wires) is custom design for your mouth.

Using our state-of-the-art iTero scanner we take a 3D image of your teeth – no messy and uncomfortable impressions. Dr Katyal then devises and prescribes the orthodontic treatment plan to get your teeth in the correct alignment.

Insignia then create beautiful custom clear/metal brackets and wires which precisely and efficiently works to straighten your teeth.

Clean Clear and Correct Smiles Mosman Sydney Orthodontist custom Insignia Digital Braces

Insignia Digital Braces vs. Conventional Braces

  • Treatment is more precise and efficient as Insignia wires and bracket are custom made for each individual tooth. Conventional braces use generic wires and brackets to achieve the result that can take longer.
  • Insignia treatment is precisely controlled with 3D digital software which assists in anticipating orthodontic results.


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