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Cost of Braces & Invisalign: How to make your Orthodontic Treatment Cheaper

Orthodontic treatment has undergone dynamic developments over the past decade. Straightening teeth has never been so personalised, comfortable and discrete. With such amazing innovations and technology in hygiene and safety come costs that can make the ideal orthodontic treatment expensive, especially with the most proficient and experienced orthodontists.

Leading North Shore Specialist Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal knows the cost of braces and Invisalign can be a concern, and has some advice for those seeking to make their treatment more affordable.

Upfront Payment

At CCC Smiles, Specialist Orthodontist Dr Katyal offers a discount for those who wish to to pay their total orthodontic treatment costs upfront. By paying all costs in one go you can reduce your treatment costs considerably.

After your consultation, chat to the team about flexible options surrounding the upfront payment so as to take advantage of the upfront payment discount.

Payment Plans

CCC Smiles also offer payment plans that allow you to pay in affordable installments over the period of your treatment. These are popular and easy to arrange and allow you to start treatment immediately and fast-track your straight teeth journey.

Ask the team what we can do to make things easier and more affordable for you — “sometimes we can extend the payment plan beyond when we predict that the treatment will finish” says Dr Vandana Katyal. “The patient and their smile is of utmost importance to us”.

Health Insurance Rebates for Orthodontics

The CCC Smiles team will find out how much you can get back from your health insurance company and present you with all the costs and rebates that are available to you. This way you’ll have your true out-of-pocket costs for your treatment.

Most health insurance companies cover a certain amount of treatments which accumulate or refresh annually. Dr Vandana Katyal and the team at CCC Smiles can ensure you receive the maximum rebate across the entirety of your treatment period. This can make a considerable difference to treatment cost.

Orthodontic Practice: Select the Best

Select a reputable, ethical and forward-thinking specialist orthodontist that can give you the right smile design, the right product, and be transparent with costs. Dr Vandana strives to attain an appropriate and beautiful smile for each individual, with the highest quality, hygiene and safety standards. Dr Katyal works with the best to achieve the best, simultaneously offering a select variety of high quality treatment options to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

It’s also good advice to ensure your chosen orthodontic practice doesn’t add extra costs for retainers. At CCC Smiles the retainers which are used after you finish treatment are included in the cost of the braces. Dr Katyal also uses appropriate and efficient appointments to save extra visits and consequently extra costs.


Do it yourself braces are a growing trend and a cringe-worthy one at that, not because of a loss of business, but because people can actually lose their teeth! The rise of social media inspired DIY is worrying trend, especially among younger people, and this is something which has developed in the US.

diy braces
We’ve seen our fair share of people taking their smile into their own hands, usually due to financial hardship, and with everyday supplies being used in the mouth e.g. fishing line, paper clips, electrical wire.

If not  done correctly, home-made teeth straightening methods can over time, work underneath the gum and into the bone, strangling the teeth and wearing the bone away, causing the teeth to wiggle out .

Before you play russian roulette with your teeth and smile, get in touch with Dr Vandana Katyal to find out more.
You can find her at 856 Military Rd. Mosman or on (02) 8058 9801.

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