How to choose the right Invisalign clear aligners provider

For most Sydney teens and adults looking to get their teeth straightened, the preferred treatment these days is Invisalign, which uses 3D scanners to create a series of transparent, removable and comfortable aligners to move the teeth into correct position.

The process generally requires fewer appointments than traditional braces, because the wearer can usually implement the progressive stages of the treatment on their own. Welcome though this ‘at home’ element is, it in no way negates the need for a top notch Invisalign provider: if anything, it heightens it, because the treatment plan must be formulated by a dental professional with an in-depth understanding of how Invisalign works. And not just any dental professional.

Dentist or orthodontist?

While a general dentist can do a great job of looking after the health of your teeth, when it comes to re-aligning your smile, you need a specialist with additional qualifications and training. Think of it like building your dream house: to get it just perfect, you need the services of both an architect and builder: different skillsets working to help you achieve the best outcome.

Some dentists do offer Invisalign, but they will be less qualified than a Specialist Orthodontist, and considerably less skilled because they don’t spend most of their time on this type of work. Orthodontists are also able to recognise and manage more complex cases in which a combination of Invisalign and conventional treatment is necessary.

Finding ‘the one’

So, knowing that you need to find a great orthodontist with experience in delivering Invisalign, what’s the best way to find one?

One option is to ask the advice of friends and family members that have completed teeth straightening. A solid referral from a satisfied customer is incredibly powerful. However, it shouldn’t be assumed that what is right for one person will necessarily be right for another, so keep in mind that even trusted acquaintances may have preferences and bias towards or against certain practices or procedures that may influence their advice.

The other option, of course, is to do what you’re doing right now, and carry out some online research for local providers with the most experience. The Sydney orthodontics market is a competitive one with world-leading standards. However, this means that the choice of dental professionals can be overwhelming, leading to the challenge of how to pick the best of the best to manage your Invisalign treatment.

Experience at a glance

Luckily, there is a very simple way to discern how experienced a provider is. To help clients looking for the most accomplished dental professional to straighten their teeth, the Invisalign Providers Certification Standard created three levels of ‘super elite’ status – of which Invisalign Diamond Provider is the highest. Those with the status will display it on their websites.

This status is a clear indication of how experienced the dental professional is at delivering Invisalign. To be awarded the Diamond status, an orthodontist must consistently treat at least 151 people each year using the Invisalign system.

The other two levels of Platinum and Platinum Elite require the dental professional to administer at least 51 and 81 cases, respectively, each year, so to achieve Diamond status demonstrates a significant growth in experience.

Becoming a member of this elite club of dental professionals with the highest classification standard is a goal for many orthodontists, but one which only a handful have so far achieved. If you live in Sydney, there are fewer than a dozen dental professionals in your city that have achieved this status: Dr Vandana Katyal of CCC Smiles in Sydney’s Mosman and CBD is one of them, having been awarded Diamond status in 2018.

A commitment to constant improvement

A certified and registered Specialist Orthodontist since 2013, Dr Katyal is highly experienced in delivering Invisalign, as well as other teeth straightening procedures. Like many leaders in their fields, Dr Katyal has had her orthodontic-based research published in both Australian and international journals and received prestigious fellowships and awards in recognition of her research interests.

Not one to keep her expertise to herself, Dr Katyal shares it with dental professionals at her BOSS orthodontic skills workshops, lectures at international orthodontic conferences and has had her work featured by Channel 9 news, ABC radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun Herald and Bite dental magazine.

So, if the orthodontist you’re considering can’t answer ‘yes’ to the question of whether they have Diamond status, and cannot demonstrate a passionate commitment to furthering the field of orthodontic treatment using Invisalign, you may want to keep looking.

If you’re considering Invisalign to achieve the smile you crave, and want the process to be managed by a leader in the field, contact CCC Smiles to book an initial consultation today.

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