CCC Smiles FAQ: Existing Aligner Patients

Aligner Information

I have lost my aligner

In most circumstances, if you have worn your aligners for a few days, Dr Katyal will tell you to move on to the next aligners. If you lost only ONE PAIR of new aligners, make sure you always change aligners together for both arches.


You can simply change the aligner number on the Dental Monitoring App when you take the next scan.

If you have lost more than one pair of aligners, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. We may have to order you a replacement ($200 per set of upper and lower trays) or bring you in for a new scan to manufacture new aligners. A fee may be incurred here depending on your estimated treatment timeframes.

My aligners have snapped/are broken

Assess the damage – try to locate the crack and check its severity. Continue wearing them as normal if possible. If they are uncomfortable or cannot be worn – PLEASE MOVE TO THE NEXT ALIGNER IN SEQUENCE FOR BOTH ARCHES.

You do not need to contact us if this happens. You can change your aligner number in the Dental Monitoring app and do not need to contact us if you have only skipped one aligner.

I have finished wearing all my aligners

If you have completed wearing your set of aligners or are close to finishing, please contact the CCC Smiles Team to organise your next appointment with us.

My teeth/gums are sore from my aligners

This is very common and a normal component of orthodontic treatment. Your teeth can feel sore or sensitive, mostly in the first 2-3 days of wearing a new aligner. After this, the discomfort as the teeth move into their new position.

You might find it uncomfortable biting into hard foods and biting down on your teeth.

Again, this is part of the fun of treatment and will subside in the next few days. Soldier on – your teeth will look amazing in no time!

I talk funny with my aligners and my speech is not improving

Keep wearing your aligners! We recommend reading a book out loud.

The majority of people will improve with practice – keep persevering and it will get better!

Attachment Information

My attachment has fallen off – what do I do?

Not to worry!

Sometimes the attachments can fall off or debond from the tooth.


If this happens: Try to see which tooth the attachment has come away from (it’s okay if you’re not sure) as we can check this on your weekly scan with the DENTAL MONITORING app.
We will contact you if the attachment is required to be bonded again. Sometimes we may leave it off. Continue wearing and changing your aligners as per plan unless given specific instructions from the CCC Smiles Team.

Elastic bands

My button for my rubber bands is broken or has fallen off


If you are only wearing elastics on one side, please contact us and we will organise an appointment to glue the button back on.

Please continue to wear and change your aligners as prescribed. Do not stop wearing your aligners.

Postage/Pick up Information

I need more chewies/ elastics/ a new blue retractor

We can certainly organise chewies/ elastics for you!

If you would like to pick them up, our clinic is open Monday to Thursday from 9am-4pm.

If you would like them posted to you please email ( with your address so we can organise this postage. Please note that all deliveries will incur a postage fee of $15.

I can’t pick up my aligners/ retainers, what are my options?

If you would like to pick up your retainers/aligners, we are open Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm. Please advise our staff when you would like to come so we can make sure someone is available to look after you.

If you would like them posted, please email ( with your postal address. Please note that all deliveries will incur a postage fee of $15.

Dental Monitoring

My Dental Monitoring app is not working

Please email ( if your app is not working and we will advise you on which steps to take. If you no longer have the app on your phone, we can send you an app activation code via SMS to set it up again.

I lost my Dental Monitoring retractors for scans

If you would like to pick up a new blue retractor, we are open Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm. If you would like this posted, please email ( with your postal address. Please note that all deliveries will incur a postage fee of $15.

I skipped an aligner and need to take a scan

If you have skipped an aligner and are ready to take a scan, you can edit the aligner number in your Dental Monitoring app. If you are having troubles with this, please email ( and let us know which aligner number you are currently on so we can edit this information for you.

Travelling information

I am travelling – what should I do?

If you are travelling, please take extra aligners on your trip in case you lose one. You will need to continue your Dental Monitoring scans as prescribed so please don’t forget to take your retractors!

I do not have my retractors and I am away

If you don’t have your retractors with you, please do not worry!

Keep wearing your aligners as recommended by Dr Katyal and as soon as you have returned home, please take a scan with the updated aligner number.

Treatment concerns

My treatment time has gone over the estimated treatment length

Please note that your treatment time given to you at your first consultation is just an estimate and is beyond our control. Movement of teeth varies from person to person based on the complexity of the case as well as patient compliance and wear time so and cannot guarantee that treatment will be completed within this time frame. Often non-compliance with the prescribed treatment protocol and lack of Dental Monitoring scans may result in extended treatment length.

Additional fees may be incurred if there is a lack of patient compliance and new aligners need to be manufactured.

I have lingering tooth sensitivity with hot and cold food/drinks

This type of sensitivity is not related to orthodontic treatment. We recommend that you please see your general dentist for an assessment and possible treatment.


Removable Retainer Information

My teeth are sore from my retainers

Sensitivity with retainer wear is very normal.

Retainers are different to your aligners due to the stiffer material which keeps your teeth in position. We recommend flexing open your retainer gently to reduce the stiffness. If you are still experiencing pain please email ( and we can help fit your retainers.

I didn’t wear my retainers and now my teeth have moved

For any relapse after treatment, there will be an additional cost incurred if you want this corrected. We are not responsible for these costs as we stress the importance of lifetime retention before and during the course of your treatment as part of patient compliance.

How long do I have to wear my retainer for?

Retainer wear after treatment is lifetime.

Please wear your retainers for 10-12 hours every evening/night for the first 2 years. Following this, 8-10 hours per night on the 3rd year, then 6-8 hours per night in the following years.

PLEASE NOTE: If a night is missed, wear your retainer during the day time, removing it only for meals.

My clear retainer broke and I do not have a spare one to wear

Please contact the clinic immediately so we can scan and issue new retainers as soon as possible.

If you have had a scan within the 6 months, you will not need to come in for a new scan. We can simply make one for you and organise postage or a pick up.

The fee for in-house retainers (made in the clinic) is $300 for 1x set (Upper + Lower) or $500 for 2x sets (Upper + Lower).

We highly recommend Vivera retainers, which are made by Invisalign, as they are a made with a much stronger material and will hardly ever break. They come at a cost of $750 for 3x sets (Upper + Lower), and 1 set will last you at least 2 years.

How should I clean my retainers?

We recommend using equal parts white vinegar and cold water OR denture cleaner (can be purchased as your local supermarket or chemist) to clean your retainers.

For in-house retainers DO NOT use toothpaste.

Toothpaste can be used to clean Vivera retainers.

Fixed Wire Retainer Information

My fixed retainer (bonded wire) broke and I am not in Sydney

Please visit any general dentist or orthodontist immediately to get this fixed. It is very important to have your bonded wire fixed because this can cause movement of your teeth.

Please continue to wear your clear removable retainer every night as prescribed by Dr Katyal over the top of your teeth to try and prevent any movement.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not liable for any external costs incurred outside the CCC Smiles Clinic.

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