Ever Wonder why Orthodontists take X-rays….Here’s Why!




Dr Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist at CCC Smiles answers your questions about X-rays.

“Orthodontists take x-rays to see what is not visible with the naked eye”, she says.

X-rays in orthodontics are essential for

  • initial treatment planning
  • progress (6-12 months into treatment)
  • assessing finished results/stability
  • identify any disease processes or problems not visible during clinical examination
  • assess root shortening/trauma/infections
  • identify unerupted and developing teeth

X-rays views routinely taken by orthodontists are


  • Front view (Panoramic X-ray or OPG)
Front view Of Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray

  • Side view (Cephalogram or Lateral Cephalometric X-ray)
Lateral Cephalometric X-ray

Lateral Cephalometric X-ray

  • 3D cone beam  CT (uncommon, only used in special circumstances)

X-rays and radiation

Each of the orthodontic X-rays exposes a patient to less radiation than they would receive taking a typical airplane flight. All dentists & orthodontists are taught to use the ALARA principle (As Little As Reasonably Achievable) when it comes to radiation.

X-rays taken on-site at Clean Clear & Correct Smiles

At CCC Smiles we use the latest digital machines with reduced radiation doses. Our ultra modern equipment does not even require you to wear lead aprons while taking X-rays. Icing on the cake – Orthodontic X-rays are now available On-site at our Mosman practice & for No fee with every initial consultation. Now that’s something worth smiling about!

Orthodontic Specialists In Sydney - On Site Digital X - Rays

Dr Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist and her CCC Smiles team are industry leading experts in straightening teeth with the latest, fastest and most affordable technology!

Creating Smiles is all we do…..   cccsmiles.com.au

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