How to enjoy Easter treats while keeping your teeth happy

Easter’s upon us, which for most of us means a long weekend featuring more than a little indulgence. From hot cross buns and treat-laden family get togethers, to the lure of fondant-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies, there’s temptation at every turn.

For the humans among us, politely declining every proffered sweet treat isn’t realistic – and why should we? So how can you indulge without damaging your teeth or teeth straighteners?

Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em clean!

The main thing is to remember that it’s fine to join in, as long as you don’t let your usual dental hygiene slip. The extra food, alcohol and sugar of the long weekend can cause you trouble if you don’t keep up with your usual morning and bedtime teeth brushing, flossing and oral hygiene. Party – but clean up afterwards!

Post-meal treats

A danger of holidays like Easter is that we can inadvertently toss out the usual rules and find ourselves partaking in treats we weren’t especially craving at times we wouldn’t normally dream of having them. Rather than nibbling throughout the day and saying yes to everything you’re offered, enjoy Easter treats in the same way you would regular desserts – i.e. after a meal. This confines your teeth’s sugar exposure to fewer and shorter periods, rather than giving them a continual choccie coating from breakfast until bedtime!

Swap hard for soft

If you’re in the process of straightening your teeth then you’ll probably be avoiding, or minimising your consumption of, hard, chewy, crunchy toffees, jelly sweets and caramels. Apply the same sound logic to your Easter choices and you’ll be doing yourself a favour. Aside from getting stuck in your teeth, these types of lollies can damage traditional wire braces, so they just aren’t worth the risk when there are softer, safer options available.

Invisalign care

Of course, if you’re currently using Invisalign, remember to follow your usual practice of simply slipping your aligners out before eating – and if you do find yourself forgetting and getting in on the egg action with your aligners still in, just try to remember to clean them off afterwards (and if you’re going away, remember to pack your usual aligner storage and cleaning gear).

Quality over quantity

It also pays to go for less sugary darker chocolate (as long as you like the taste of it) and to opt for better quality, smaller eggs that still have the power to satisfy your sweet tooth without punishing it too much. Quality over quantity can be a wonderful thing!

Travel safe

Many of us will find ourselves at family gatherings and other social events, meaning that your toothbrush and privacy of your own bathroom isn’t always on hand. Sugar-free gum or a pocket-sized fluoride mouthwash can be handy to take with you if you’re out and about and not easily able to brush your teeth after indulging. Failing this, even having a good drink of water can help to rinse some of the sugar off your teeth.

Supervise the kids

Finally, if you’ve got kids then this weekend might require a little extra vigilance when it comes to supervising their teeth brushing – and for the littlies, these cute bunny toothbrushes might even encourage them to let the Easter Bunny undo the effects of all his treats!

It looks set to be a lovely Easter weekend, so get outside, enjoy the weather and treat yourself – just remember to treat your teeth right too!

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