Easy Recipes for People with Braces

Clear braces, Invisible braces, conventional metal braces or Invisalign it can be quite daunting when your Orthodontist starts naming all the foods to try and avoid during the especially during the first few days of the of your orthodontic treatment. “Try to avoid xyz, don’t eat this, don’t have that” and the list seems to be endless. Of course your Orthodontist is only advising you of these things so you can have a hassle-free treatment that is complete as quickly as possible, but the big picture is that if you follow the guidelines, you can get back to eating all those hard foods and chewy sweets that you love much sooner.

Here at CCC Smiles Orthodontist, Dr Vandana Katyal is one of Sydney’s leading orthodontic experts and says “we want every experience to be a positive one so instead of worrying about all the things that you can’t have and the things to avoid, we like to think of all the amazing and delicious foods that you can enjoy.”

Here are some top diet tips from CCC Smiles Orthodontist, to make your first few transitional weeks in braces even more comfortable:

  1. Soft, soft, soft! – you will want to be as gentle on your teeth as possible during your first few days with braces so try and stick with soft foods that are easy to eat within your comfort levels and then you gradually work your way back up to harder foods
  2. Easy to chew – when you first get your braces your mouth will feel different and slightly tender. To minimise the tenderness you will want to be eating foods that don’t require much effort to chew.
  3. Get creative – Use this as an opportunity to get creative and try those food’s you’ve always wondered about but never thought to try
  4. Don’t feel like you need to change your lifestyle – having braces doesn’t mean you need to change your entire eating habits, stick with your usual routine but factor in those extra 2 minutes to brush your teeth at the end of a meal
  5. Keep up a balanced and nutritious diet – just because you can’t bite in to that apple, it doesn’t mean the only alternative is soft treat such as jelly or ice-cream. We love a sweet treat as much as anyone but try and maintain a balanced and healthy diet whilst wearing your braces

We’ve put together a few simple meal ideas that are perfect for your first few  weeks with braces to help you get started.



Breakfast Porridge

Breakfast ideas
Staple: Porridge (get creative with the toppings)
We recommend: Mashed pears and cinnamon or Sliced banana and shredded coconut

Staple: Smoothies and milkshakes
We recommend: Breakfast smoothie

Staple: Eggs
We recommend: Mushroom, capsicum and cheese omelette

Staple: Cereal
We recommend: Wheetbix (they get soft in the milk!)






Minestrone Soup

Lunch ideas

Staple: Soup
We recommend: Minestrone soup

Staple: Pasta
We recommend: Macaroni and cheese

Staple: Baked potato with your choice of filling
We recommend: cheese and baked beans or tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn


Spinach and Fetta Bolognaise





Dinner ideas

Staple: Pasta
We recommend: Spaghetti bolognese with finely diced carrots and chopped spinach

Staple: Mash potato
We recommend: Cottage pie

Staple: Rice, cous cous or quinoa
We recommend: Chilli con carne

Staple: Fish
We recommend: Salmon in garlic lemon butter sauce with mash (try sweet potato mash to mix things up)




Snack ideas

  • Avocado with salsa
  • Hard boiled egg and soft cheese
  • Soft fruits such as bananas peaches, oranges, kiwis and mandarins
  • Yoghurts
  • Sweet treats such as muffins, pudding, jelly and ice cream





Braces and Invisalign treatment are temporary but the smile you’ve always dreamed of from CCC Smiles Sydney Orthodontist will be forever! Remember things get easier after first few days – that we are sure of!! Creating smiles is all we do! www.cccsmiles.com.au

Contact Us to book your first orthodontic visit with Dr Vandana Katyal or out Treatment Coordinator. Drop In, Say Hello! We are here to spread smiles and sunshine!

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