Dr Vandana Katyal features on Dentistry Uncensored with Dr Howard Farran from Dentaltown


Dr Vandana Katyal, one of Sydney’s leading Orthodontists and head Orthodontist at CCC Smiles in Sydney was interviewed on her orthodontic research, orthodontic treatment philosophies, and Invisalign by one of the world’s largest online dental groups Dentaltown.

It was a huge honour for her to share her views and spread the most evidence-based message across dentists and specialists worldwide.

Snoring in children and childhood sleep apnoea are on the rise in modern society. However, Dr Katyal feels in some cases the lack of knowledge is leading dentists into over-treating some of these children with orthodontic appliances. Dr Katyal’s research show that in some children an upper jaw expander (rapid maxillary expansion device) can help resolve snoring in children but there is a lack of long-term data and strong evidence in this area. Other topics she discussed were – Invisalign, the removal of wisdom teeth, research on early orthodontic treatment, and the business of orthodontic practice.

Invisalign can be much superior to braces for good oral hygiene and dental health while straightening teeth. Invisalign for Teens is now a reality, her preferred choice and she explains why in this interview!

Lastly, Dr Katyal shares her philosophies on customer service in the orthodontic industry, her practice model and her future plans!

Congratulations Dr Katyal on this wonderful achievement and sharing your honest expert opinion on orthodontic treatment globally!


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