5 Benefits of a Beautiful and Confident Smile

Having a straighter, brighter and confident smile is highly desired in today’s world. Dr Vandana Katyal, one of Sydney’s leading orthodontist at CCC Smiles and head lecturer for [...]

Dr Vandana Katyal features on Dentistry Uncensored with Dr Howard Farran from Dentaltown

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Easy Recipes for People with Braces

Clear braces, Invisible braces, conventional metal braces or Invisalign it can be quite daunting when your Orthodontist starts naming all the foods to try and avoid during the especially during [...]

Boost your child’s smile and self esteem with Invisalign For Teens!

Hi, I am Dr Vandana Katyal, a specialist Orthodontist practicing at CCC Smiles, located in both the heart of Sydney CBD as well as Mosman, on the North Shore. Today, I would like to share a piece [...]

Braces that are claimed to be faster, speedier or quicker: Truth or Fallacy

World-renowned orthodontist Kevin O’Brien examines the background, methods and marketing claims behind a much-hyped system of ‘fast teeth straightening’ in this blog post. In a well-balanced [...]

Why Orthodontists Study Smiles All Day Long

Looking for a smile assessment in the north shore of Sydney? Look no further and read on! The team at CCC Smiles in Mosman is headed by one of  Sydney’s highly sought after Specialist [...]

Strike a Pose! Orthodontist Love Taking Photographs of Your Smile and Teeth

Smile! You are on camera!! Ever wonder why Orthodontist consultation starts with photographs of your teeth and smile? Dr Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist at CCC Smiles, Mosman [...]

Invisible & Digital Orthodontics are the New Game-Changers!

Latest digital technology for straightening teeth has landed on our Mosman shores! Invisible & Digital Orthodontics! INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Specialist Orthodontist Dr Vandana Katyal has [...]

Straightening Teeth for Teens has never been this cool! Invisalign Teen is here to stay!!

Dr Katyal answers common questions about invisible teen orthodontics SO if you want to show off your smile and not your braces, Invisalign can be your answer. The Invisalign system using a series [...]