Braces that are claimed to be faster, speedier or quicker: an expert opinion on what the fuss is all about

World-renowned orthodontist Kevin O’Brien examines the background, methods and marketing claims behind a much-hyped system of ‘fast teeth straightening’ in this blog post. In a well-balanced evaluation, he reflects that the system may be a short-term ‘compromise treatment’ that could improve the appearance of a few teeth that don’t need major straightening, but which is of concern if applied to more complex cases and to teens. O’Brien also flags the lack of experience required by general practitioners, the lack of clinical trials supporting the claims, and the lack of transparency regarding exactly how the ‘fast teeth straightening’ system works as areas of concern.

Let’s face it, most people who want straight teeth and a smile transformation want it fast. Whether it’s for an upcoming event, travel or to boost your confidence, time is always a factor when someone decides to go ahead with orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontists specialise in moving teeth not only in the fastest way but also the healthiest way possible. One of Sydney’s leading orthodontists, Dr Vandana Katyal, has been heavily researching how to speed tooth movement – not only in the quickest way but also in the most effective way.

Here is what Dr Katyal has to say about the braces that are claimed to be faster, speedier or quicker that are being provided by dentists

“These braces companies are making claims on their websites to correct misaligned teeth in a manner never seen before and promising results in as little as 20 weeks for complex cases. The system is targeted at dentists and not orthodontists. Typically, the dentist will attend a 1-2 day workshop and become an accredited provider of the system without the 3 year formal orthodontic degree that all orthodontists have to undertake. To be honest, I would caution the public against such treatments and do not recommend this until more research has been published in this area.”

You wouldn’t take your car to be serviced at the petrol station, so why have your orthodontic treatment performed by a dentist. We have orthodontists to make sure you are getting the best possible result as quickly as possible. It’s a no brainer.

So what are these companies are actually doing? It is basically quickly aligning your front six teeth called the “social six”. These front teeth are much easier to move than your back teeth or to realign your bite. Whether we use Invisalign clear aligners or braces, most people will be able to see their front teeth straightening within 3-4 months. Which is achievable with the majority of orthodontic treatment available.

What happens if we just correct the “social six” and finish treatment in as little as 20 weeks?

Sometimes that is actually the best approach for patients that have had treatment before and now have relapsed or if the crowding of the teeth is within 2-4 mm but the bite is near ideal. The reality is that unfortunately the majority of patients do not fall into this category. And do need more extensive treatment from an orthodontist.

So for those who have more advanced crowding, bite changes are inevitable with any type of braces and if the focus is only on the front six teeth then you are at risk of causing more harm than good by changing the bite and making it worse.

Can we speed tooth movement during orthodontic treatment and get to the best result for me faster?

Absolutely yes and yes!
First step is to choose a specialist such as Dr Katyal who is a modern, progressive, evidence-based and friendly orthodontist. Make sure you share all your concerns whether it be, lifestyle, time frames, risks and any other concerns and your first appointment with CCC Smiles. Based on all your concerns and priorities, Dr Katyal will highlight all your options with estimated treatment times, costs, risks and benefits.

Additionally, Dr Vandana Katyal at CCC Smiles is an expert in utilising the latest customised 3D technology that will then fabricate your braces and wires, or customised Invisalign® clear aligners. Research has shown the use of such technology by orthodontists does lead to shortened treatment times and more comfortable treatments.

Dr Katyal’s recent blog covers the 9 steps to getting straighter teeth faster!

CCC Smiles is located in Sydney’s North Shore and easily accessible from Manly and Northern Beaches. For the interstate travellers and city slickers, we now have an additional Sydney CBD location 1-minute walk from Town Hall station!


As an orthodontist and an industry expert, this is the philosophy I choose for my patients in my North Shore and Sydney CBD orthodontic practices.

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