5 Benefits of a Beautiful and Confident Smile

Having a straighter, brighter and confident smile is highly desired in today’s world.

Dr Vandana Katyal, one of Sydney’s leading orthodontist at CCC Smiles and head lecturer for BOSS (Best Orthodontic Seminars & Sessions), believes in providing smile solutions that are comfortable, fast and effective.  CCC Smiles uses latest technology with 3D precision and virtual monitoring throughout your treatment.

Here are 5 major benefits you can reap by having a beautiful and confident smile!

Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

1. People with attractive smiles get paid more

Research has shown that people with more attractive smiles project more confidence and tend to be more successful at job interviews and get paid higher than people with crooked teeth.

2. Your smile makes the first impression

More than 50% of people report to notice smiles first, even before eyes and facial characters. Your smile shows off your confidence even before your speech.

3. Straighter teeth will help boost your self confidence

Research shows that within 6 months of starting orthodontic treatment, patients will experience an increase in their self confidence. They also start to experience fewer negative impacts to their quality of life. A study by Invisalign in 2014 has shown 53% of mothers were satisfied with the appearance of their children’s teeth but 70% of the children were actually not satisfied with their appearance. This shows that teens tend to have lower self esteem about their smile than parents are aware of.

4. Brighter smiles will help improve your oral health

People who invest the time to make their teeth straighter and brighter tend to invest more on their overall oral health. They also find day to day tasks such as brushing and flossing a lot easier to do.

5. Smiling make you live longer!

Smiling releases endorphins, just like exercise. An interesting study looked at  Major League baseball player’s smiles on cards. Players who smiled in their photographs lived 7 years longer than player who didn’t!

If you or someone you know would benefit from a smile assessment, please book an initial consultation with Dr Vandana Katyal and we will make sure you walk out smiling!

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