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A Leading Orthodontist in Clear Aligner Treatments.

A Pioneer in Virtual 3D and AI-driven Orthodontic Technologies.

Sydney-based orthodontist, Dr. Vandana Katyal, is a leader in clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign and Spark and more!

An internationally-acclaimed top orthodontics clinician, researcher and lecturer, Dr. Katyal had created a vision to create perfect, healthy smiles all across Australia and beyond with CCC Smiles, that’s exactly what she’s achieved.

If you are looking for an Orthodontist who can save you time and hassle and partner with your local Dentist or Orthodontist to deliver your orthodontic care with clear aligners, look no further! Dr. Katyal has now successfully transitioned from her local Mosman and Sydney CBD clinical practice to establish the world’s first Virtual Orthodontic Consultancy for an opinion-based service for patients and care-based service via virtually mentoring and partnering with orthodontic treatment providers.

Lear more about Dr Katyal here https://www.cccsmiles.com.au/orthodontist-dr-vandana-katyal/

Virtual Orthodontic Consultancy using State-of-the-art 3D and AI-driven Orthodontic Technologies

With our unique and proven Virtual Orthodontic Consultancy at CCC Smiles, you can count on access to honest information and best results via our innovative technologies and partnering services. We use only the best and latest in digital equipment and innovations in the field of invisible, accelerated and digital orthodontics as we know comfort and time is of the essence!

Clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign are growing in popularity as we continue to live a highly coveted lifestyle and it’s one that we don’t want to compromise during orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners like Invisalign is the ideal solution, because patients can continue to eat their favourite food, play their loved sports and socialise without the insecurities that often come with traditional wire braces.They are proven to have less discomfort, ulcerations and much lower pain levels during initial phase of orthodontic treatment. They are also more tooth and gum friendly and proven to cause less enamel damage as well as gum issues, compared to fixed traditional braces. Technologies such as virtual monitoring via Dental Monitoring are then combined with clear aligners to reduce the need for unnecessary appointment, track compliance and troubleshoot concerns early to provide you with ultimate orthodontic care in conjunction with regular clinical checks.

Clear aligner treatments can be commenced from ages 5 yrs onwards. First, submit your virtual photos for Dr Katyal to review here https://www.cccsmiles.com.au/virtual-consultation/. Based on the results, you will receive information, recommendations and be guided to a partnering dentist or orthodontist for your clear aligner treatment. You can always ask your local dentist or orthodontist to be approved for our virtual orthodontic partnering service!

Your treating local dentist or orthodontist will confirm your suitability for clear aligner orthodontic treatment via a clinical in-office examination. Once confirmed, Dr Katyal can guide, coach and mentor clear aliger orthodontic treatment providers for each individual patient, assuring excellent and timely results! Your treatment progress is tracked virtually and plan modified as needed with the expertise of an orthodontist but convenience of your preferred local clear aligner provider doctor. A win-win model for all.

Learn more about Dr Katyal here https://www.cccsmiles.com.au/orthodontist-dr-vandana-katyal/

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