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Invisalign® Before and After

Invisalign Cases completed by Dr Vandana Katyal

Designing the best smiles for each client is very special to Dr Vandana Katyal and the CCC Smiles team, and we strive to keep your experience comfortable, modern, affordable and simple.

As a boutique practice we enjoy being a progressive, friendly and an approachable place where anyone can come for orthodontic treatment and have an enjoyable and positive experience.

Invisalign® Before and After

Case Study: Nathan

Nathan had many concerns to address including moderate crowding, deep bite (overbite) and poor prognosis for lower front incisor (needed an extraction). Total treatment time was 13 months just in time for his wedding day!


Case Study: Carla 

Carla had protruding and overlapping front teeth, narrow smile and bite. Her treatment time is 1 year using Invisalign® Full aligners.

Invisalign Before and After North Shore Sydney Carla

Case Study: Veronica

Veronia had overlapping front teeth, open bite, narrow smile, bite. Her treatment time is 15 month using Invisalign® aligners.

Invisalign Before and After North Shore Sydney Veronica

Case Study: Brendan

Brendan had a previous orthodontic treatment relapse, mild crowding, good existing bite. His treatment time is 7 months using Invisalign® Lite aligners

Invisalign Before and After, North Shore Sydney, Brendan

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